The Harford Road Bridge contractor has begun to prepare for the demolition of the existing bridge by placing steel beams and timber matting over the waterway.  Once Verizon relocates existing telecommunications lines that run through the bridge, the contractor will begin removal of the existing structure.  This work is anticipated to begin on February 25, 2019.  Demolition will be performed by hydraulic hammers and heavy equipment, which will be one of the louder operations throughout the duration of the project.  The Herring Run Trail under the Harford Road Bridge will be completely closed for this stage of construction.  Demolition is expected to be complete in approximately 3 months.

In preparation for this phase of work, contractor hours will be adjusted in order to complete demolition activities in a more timely manner.  Starting February 25th, the contractor will begin working a schedule of 7am-7pm from Monday through Saturday.

The contractor is also continuing the installation of a sandbag stream diversion system.  This will allow for the construction of the proposed bridge piers without interference from the flowing waterway.

Other work being performed at this time includes the installation of stormwater drainage piping, erosion and sediment control measures, and site security fencing.