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Harford Road and Lake Montebello Drive Closure

To prepare for constructing the proposed pedestrian tunnel, the Harford Road Bridge contractor plans to mobilize equipment and materials to the south end of the project this Monday, July 29th through Wednesday July 31st.

To accommodate this effort, Harford Road and Lake Montebello Drive in the vicinity of Chesterfield Avenue will be closed from 9AM to 3PM. Reference attached sketch.

Please consider using alternate routes on these days during the specified time frame.

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Project Updates: July 2, 2019

The Harford Road Bridge contractor continues to move forward with the construction of the new bridge’s foundation. The north abutment footing has been placed, and reinforcement and formwork for the abutment wall is underway. The south footing formwork and reinforcement bar have been installed and are awaiting concrete.

Excavation for the two piers has been completed and construction of the pier footings will begin in July.

Excavation for the proposed pedestrian tunnel between Chesterfield Avenue and Herring Run is underway. Footings for the pedestrian tunnel will be installed in July.

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Project Updates: May 31, 2019

The Harford Road Bridge contractor has fully completed demolition of the existing bridge.  Excavation and rock removal for the new bridge abutments and piers is underway.

Construction of the north abutment will begin in early June, followed by construction of the south abutment later in the month.

The demolition shield above Herring Run is fully removed, and stockpiled material in the project’s southeast corner will be removed in June.

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Project Updates: May 1, 2019

The Harford Road Bridge contractor is nearly complete with demolition of the existing bridge.  The existing arches have been completely removed and the last remaining parts of concrete that were below ground are being excavated.  The rubble created by the demolition of the bridge is being pulverized and taken off site.

Rock excavation for the proposed north abutment substructure is underway.  The footing for this substructure is scheduled to be installed in mid-May.

The demolition shield above Herring Run is being removed, and stockpiled in the projects southeast corner is being removed.

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Project Updates: April 11, 2019

The Harford Road Bridge contractor continues with the demolition of the bridge.  Earth fill that was once above the concrete arches has been removed and stockpiled nearby.  The northern-most span has been completely removed, while vertical walls above the arches for the south span and middle span have been removed.

Demolition of the bridge will continue over the next four weeks and the remaining concrete arches will be removed.  By the end of April, the existing Harford Road Bridge will no longer be present.

Stockpiled concrete demolition debris from the existing bridge will be crushed and reused as construction material elsewhere in the region.  Some of the recycled material will be used for the new Harford Road Bridge.

Other work performed around the site includes the installation of stormwater drainage piping, erosion and sediment control measures, and site security fencing.

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Project Updates: March 15, 2019

The Harford Road Bridge contractor has begun demolishing activities for the existing bridge. Pavement across the new bridge has been removed, uncovering existing trolley tracks that once ran down Harford Road. The existing trolley tracks have been removed, along with existing sidewalk and bridge parapet. Retaining walls on the south end of the bridge have been demolished as well.

Demolition of the bridge will continue over the next eight weeks where various components of the bridge will come down systematically. Fill within the bridge will be excavated and removed, leaving the bridge concrete walls and arch exposed. Walls will then be removed, followed by the arches. A demolition shield has been installed over the creek to protect debris from entering the waterway.

Other work performed around the site includes installation of stormwater drainage piping, erosion and sediment control measures, and site security fencing.

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Project Updates: February 22, 2019

The Harford Road Bridge contractor has begun to prepare for the demolition of the existing bridge by placing steel beams and timber matting over the waterway.  Once Verizon relocates existing telecommunications lines that run through the bridge, the contractor will begin removal of the existing structure.  This work is anticipated to begin on February 25, 2019.  Demolition will be performed by hydraulic hammers and heavy equipment, which will be one of the louder operations throughout the duration of the project.  The Herring Run Trail under the Harford Road Bridge will be completely closed for this stage of construction.  Demolition is expected to be complete in approximately 3 months.

In preparation for this phase of work, contractor hours will be adjusted in order to complete demolition activities in a more timely manner.  Starting February 25th, the contractor will begin working a schedule of 7am-7pm from Monday through Saturday.

The contractor is also continuing the installation of a sandbag stream diversion system.  This will allow for the construction of the proposed bridge piers without interference from the flowing waterway.

Other work being performed at this time includes the installation of stormwater drainage piping, erosion and sediment control measures, and site security fencing.

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Harford Road Detour

The Harford Road detour was implemented successfully on November 19, 2018 — with traffic being re-routed on nearby city roadways.  Since the closure of the bridge, light poles and guide rails have been removed along with other necessary structures.  Recently, the contractor has begun to install a sandbag diversion within Herring Run to assist with constructing the proposed piers and abutments.   Utilities located inside the old bridge (including water main and electricity lines)  have been re-routed or removed to allow for the old bridge to be demolished.  The next significant activity for the project is the removal of the old bridge, which will take approximately one month.

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Harford Road Bridge Closure

The Department of Transportation is pleased to announce the date for closure of the Harford Road Bridge over Herring Run, to allow for its replacement.  The closure will occur on Monday, November 19, 2018 depending on weather conditions.

The existing bridge is a filled arch, a design that makes it impractical to leave half of the bridge open while working on the other half and accordingly, the bridge must be closed completely to facilitate the work.  The closure is expected to last for three years.

During the closure, everyone who crosses the bridge currently will have to utilize alternate routes.  The two closest detour options for motorists are Belair Road to the East, and Hillen Road/Perring Parkway to the West.  Motorists are reminded that trying to make their way through neighborhood streets in search of an alternate detour route will only delay their trip because no other streets in the area provide a crossing of Herring Run other than the two aforementioned detour routes.  Pedestrians and bicyclist have other options.

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Traffic Enforcement Officers

Department of Transportation-Safety Division will deploy two (2) Transportation Enforcement Officers (TEOs) per intersection for the Harford Road bridge project. From the start of the project, TEOs will be deployed for two (2) weeks at the identified intersections .

Deployment Days & Times

Monday thru Friday
  • 7:00AM to 9:00AM
  •  4:00PM to 6:00PM

Intersections where TEOs will be deployed

  • Harford Rd & Argonne Drive
  • Harford Rd & Erdman Avenue
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